¿ What's the Ubuntu Blues workshop about ?




















Ubuntu is a traditional African concept which could be translated as humanity towards others, because...


"How can a person be happy when the others are not?"


This is one of the premises, along with values of equality and cooperation, of this musical workshop for children and everybody.


Ubuntu Blues is also about the Blues and its African roots.

With Ubuntu Blues, we'd like to roughly show the origins of this music still pretty unknown, which has been the primary source for a significant part of the XX-XXI century's popular music.


And since we could not talk about the Blues without talking about Africa, we customize history mixing magic stories with real facts and characters.
Among these last ones, we introduce two female personalities who dedicated their lives to what was right. Two civil rights activists who fought social and personal struggles. We especially highlight racial segregation from those struggles.

And they fought with their most valuable and powerful "weapons": their voices.

Rosa Parks, in the United States, with her unshakable conviction. Her peaceful action was the trigger voice to put an end to the Jim Crow law.

Miriam Makeba, in South Africa (exiled for 31 years), whose songs moved 

the whole world.


To avoid the repetition of mistakes in history, it is necessary to know it well and to develop deep human values and rights.
The workshop consists of a repertoire with African and southern United States covers and original songs, and it's all done within a participatory context: dialogue (call-response), dances, rhythmic canons, harmonized voices, ...