Musical story (bilingual) to foster human values

An illustrated book + a USB drive with the audiobook and the songs of this journey to the roots of the Blues, to make our essence bloom

We are now embarking on the physical journey of the musical concert-workshop that for 6 years has been thrilling and amusing people wherever it goes.


BILINGUAL BOOK of 112 pages, in English on one side and Spanish on the other. It contains an expanded material and unpublished texts, as well as the lyrics for the songs that you can sing along with me :)


 Ubuntu Blues is illustrated by the amazing Catalina Correa, who puts all of her soul into her work. She will surely take you on an exciting visual journey.

The USB drive will contain the narrations in both languages, 14 songs and many surrounding settings with multiple elements from the journey - and many surprises, too :)

And all of this interpreted by the one-woman-band Rowda BackBeat and led to harmony and excellence by the great producer Juan Delgado.



Ubuntu Blues is a journey to the roots of Blues music skillfully mixing real and imaginary. A moving journey walked hand in hand with Ubuntu: an inspiring African philosophy of life that invites us to think beyond ourselves.


The spiritual teachings of a white magic shaman in Malawi, the vital journey of an African girl, the heartfelt story and teachings of an endearing old man on a plantation in New Orleans, the indomitable spirit of righteous female warriors and pacifist heroes who have shown us the path to equalityrespect, and freedom.


Ubuntu Blues is an invitation to make our own essence and that of others flourish. An invitation to take the ethical power capable of saving the world. An exciting epic journey with the most deeply human values as its powerful weapons of victory.


"Unique, fun, inspiring, didactically through music it awakens deep emotions within and leaves you with the feeling of joy, empathy, strength, and unity with others. An unforgettable experience."
- Secondary Students of the "El Valle" School




Ubuntu Blues is a project where music and literaturehistory and Blues, and the wisdom of Africa and education all converge in one.

For 6 years it has been a musical workshop that has thrilled and amused children, youths and adults. A workshop with the Blues and its African origins as the guiding thread.

Ubuntu Blues is, also, a letter addressed to problems derived from the feeling of inequality: prejudice, oppression, bullying,... A letter of invitation to critical thinking, to self-love, and of course, to the love for one another, since the whole trip goes hand in hand with Ubuntu: a traditional African concept that would be humanity towards others, because ... 

"How can a person be happy, when others are not?"